Adoptions in Colombia

Adoptions in Colombia

Adoption Lawyer in Colombia
Adopting a kid is an act of love in which a family decides to bring a child to their home to be the center of not only the adopting parent’s lives but also the whole family group. European associations of adopting parents and adopted kids consider me a trustworthy lawyer that provides experience, efficiency, and honesty. Besides being engaged with family law, I also work with penal, civil, minor/underage, and labor law. My broad experience has been proven to be of great benefit to the families that want to make their adoption dream a reality.

The main entity that handles adoptions in Colombia is the ICBF, which stands for Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar, or the Colombian family welfare institute. After the family decides to adopt a child, they need to send an intention letter to the ICBF including the name of the attorney or agency that will represent them before Colombian courts. The ICBF will send the family forms that need to be completed and returned to be included in the waiting list.

When the ICBF assigns a child to the family, a picture, medical history and personal records are mailed to the prospective parents. When the family accepts the child the ICBF schedules a travel date so the family can be interviewed, and the paperwork can get started. Both parents must travel to Colombia to be interviewed. If the first steps are completed successfully, the demand of adoption can be presented to the family judge in court. Both parents should be physically present when submitting the demand of adoption.

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