City of (rock) Stars, are you shining just for me?

City of (rock) Stars, are you shining just for me?


By David Jurok

Setting: Bogota City, Saturday, seven PM.

Last weekend my friends and I wanted to do something different from the usual. Bars and pubs are fine for a Saturday night, sure, but sometimes you really want to get out of the same old routine and see something different, do something different, even smell something different, that’s why I searched for anything special going on in this city that evening. Turns out there was something quite special.

Bogota has something very particular: you can have fun with little (or even no) money if you want to. In this city, culture is everywhere to be found, seen, done and smelled… there are concerts, plays, jams, art galleries, street story-tellers, literature and anything we can imagine; as I scrolled down some websites for something to do, an activity caught my attention. I asked my friends to try that out and I’m glad I did.

Smell: the smell of Canelazo, a lemon grass, honey, cinnamon and sugar cane infusion with a generous shot of Santafe rum or Aguardiente Antioqueño.

See: laser beams dancing rhythmically like fireworks on a shape-shifting sky, speeding up and down as almighty guitars rocked powerfully and drum beats exploded with rage and passion.

Do: sing your lungs out to legend Freddie Mercury’s verses, joined by hundreds of people in the most pure spirit of Rock and Roll.

Where? Just go to Planetario de Bogota, a block away from MAMBO (Modern Art Museum of Bogota). Every Saturday they present a laser show with Queen’s greatest hits including another one bites the dust, don’t stop me now, innuendo, killer queen and bohemian rhapsody. If you are not a Queen fan, you can also pay a visit on Thursday. They have a similar show called “Rock n Roll Hall of Fame”, where you can listen to classic bands such as AC/DC, Journey, Van Halen and Kansas. Any day you go, you’ll still find Canelazo around, which I really recommend you to try as it keeps you warm in Bogota’s cold.

When the show was over, my friends and I could all agree that it had been totally worth. All that was left was to walk around Avenida Septima for a while as we watched the street performers before we finally said goodbye and went home. All I can say is that Bogota was really shining for me that night.


By David Jurok

Novelist. Author of Young Adult saga “Los Oniromantes” (lit. those who can control dreams). With his first novel, “El Navegante de las Pesadillas” (lit. The Nightmare Navigator), Jurok delivered a unique story of magic, soul mates and lucid dreaming that becomes as addictive as a book can become. Second installment, “El Ladrón de Llaves” is coming up next October.

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