Colombia can be your retirement dream!

Colombia can be your retirement dream!

Here is all what you need to know about what a fantastic place Colombia is now:
Renting here in Colombia is cheap and easy. Sometimes the services can even come with a maid or butler. The opportunities are endless and there is everything from Condo living to house splurging in the amazon, so anything is possible.

If you decide to buy in Colombia, there are also abundant real estate options to choose from. Depending on the area in which you want to live, prices will vary accordingly, and the process is somewhat different then from what we have in the states so having a premium attorney is key.
The prices like any other area vary from city to city, so it’s hard to give just blanket prices. The best deals are the REO’s and lender foreclosure market which is har to get your hands on because of private banking but it’s possible.

Cartagena is Colombia’s top tourist attractions for both local and international visitors, real estate. The rental market has escalated dramatically with new malls, hotels, and condominium projects sprouting up everywhere. A lot of folks like the hot summer nights and the ocean breeze along with affordable pricing. There are many bargains here!
Medellin real estate market, a project as part of Colombia’s premier property market is receiving growing popularity in the international and local retiree community. Medellin is ripe for the older folk who still want peace and quiet but have fun at night. El Poblado has a lot of very stylish and up to date living facilities. This location is ideal, providing you the convenience to explore the nightlife district as well as the business and commercial center. The price can be extremely cheap or very high end. You pick!

The cost of living in Colombia is one of the top reasons attracting so many people to move to Colombia for their retirement. What makes it even a better deal is that the low living expenses allow you to have access to the first-world infrastructure and amenities that one would expect to see in a much more expensive location.
Add to this low utility bills and you get the picture quickly that things are cheaper than the US.
Did I mention the food? Not only is it top of the class but it costs far less to eat out so that is why you see so many people doing it. Thanks to the favorable climate, there are fresh fruits and vegetables available anytime throughout the year.

Colombia is like any place in the world regarding safety. This means that there are bad parts that attract a lot of mischief and there are beautiful areas just like any other country. You simply must know where to stand and where to go so that you don’t attract any problems. Long gone the days of the past when Colombia was regarded with high criminal activity. Thanks to the continued implementation of safety policies, the security has been dramatically improved.
To me the most important part is the people. The people are very respectful to foreigners and love to practice their English especially since only 10% of the population has some ability to communicate in English. Come now and enjoy it all!

Alberto Leguizamon
100% Realty, LLC
Real Estate Agent

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