Planning Vacations to Bogota, Colombia? Where to Eat on Your Vacation

Planning Vacations to Bogota, Colombia? Where to Eat on Your Vacation

If you’re planning vacations to Bogota, Colombia, make sure you know where to eat. Here are some of the city’s most loved restaurants.


People who plan vacations know that it’s important to find excellent restaurants to make sure you have a great trip. If you’re considering a visit to Bogota, Colombia, here are a few of the city’s many excellent restaurants. Although this is by no means an all-inclusive list, it’s a good start towards an excellent time in this Colombian city.

Tapas Macarena

If you ask any local resident where to go for tapas, chances are good that the overwhelming response will be Tapas Macarena. The restaurant’s chef focuses on traditional standbys mixed with inventive flavor pairings, which means there’s something for nearly everyone. However, the restaurant is small with only six tables, which means it can be sometimes difficult to get a table. If it’s full, consider walking down the street to La Taperia, which is just two blocks away. It’s owned by the same owner and has an extremely similar menu.

Crepes & Waffles

Are you looking for something a little different during your vacations to Bogota? If so, consider a visit to Crepes & Waffles. This is a local chain that serves both sweet and savory crepes and waffles. Diners can choose from dinnertime staples like ham and cheese or curry chicken, but dessert is where this place really shines. The ice cream is said to be some of the city’s best and locals and visitors alike flock to Crepes & Waffles for ice cream filled treats.

Hamburguesas El Corral

If you’re craving hamburgers during your vacations, you’re in luck. Hamburguesas el Corral serves some of the city’s best hamburgers. Some local favorites include the Mexicana and the Criolla and every burger is made from organic, Colombian grass-fed beef. The service is typically quick and many diners report that the milkshake should be tried at least once.

Casa San Isidro

If your Bogota, Colombia vacations include romance, pay a visit to Casa San Isidro. The restaurant is located on the famous Monserrate Mountain, which means that diners get to enjoy the view of the city while they eat. If you do go, make sure to take the funicular, since the walk can be quite strenuous. Casa San Isidro caters to both locals and tourists alike, which means that the menu is available in English and some of the staff is fluent. Prices can be a bit higher than many other restaurants in the city, but most diners report that the food, wine and ambience is more than worth it.

Other Restaurants in Bogota, Colombia

Other popular restaurants include Wok, La Fragata, La Xarcuteria, Di Lucca, Central Cevicheria, the Bogota Beer Company and more. Because the city is one of the largest cities in Colombia, there are plenty of different restaurants, no matter what type of food you’re looking for on vacations. Before you start your vacation , do a little research on the best restaurants in your hotel’s local area so you can make sure to visit everything that sounds like it might tickle your taste buds.

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